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on earth as it is on heaven

SWC is led by a team of friends and followers of Jesus who work together, through all the important decisions of the church, in a transparent and accountable way.

The team is led by senior leader Graham Jones who has many year experience in church planting and leadership.

The current leader team of SWC comprises:


Graham & Léa Jones

Originally from England, revivalist Graham Jones has a passion for revival and seeing the presence and power of God released back into the church. Graham speaks in churches, conferences, universities and businesses in many different countries each year. He brings a breath of fresh air and passion to God's people as he encourages them to come back to simple supernatural Christianity.Graham is used particularly in the area of physical healing and has seen many people healed from all manner of sickness through simple faith in God's promises and the manifest presence of God.

Léa Jones was born and raised in France. Léa dedicated herself to serve God at age 19 when she fell in love with Jesus! Léa studied economics & language studies at La Sorbonne in Paris, France and attended bible college in Minneapolis (Bethany College of Missions ). Upon returning to France after her studies, she taught in a bible school for 3 years. During that time she also met and married Graham. Together they were called to plant a church in the town of St Etienne in Southern France and moved there in 2003. Léa was very much involved in the leadership of this church through teaching, preaching and discipling


Bert Doyen & Sharon Doyen

Bert and Sharon are lifetime New Englanders who have been walking with the Lord since the early 1970's. They have been a part of Sturbridge Worship Center since its humble beginnings of a home group bible study. They have served many years in children's ministries,prison ministry, soup kitchens, street evangelism and wherever they saw a need and opportunity to share the love of Jesus. Today they continue to serve in worship and prayer , supporting others continuing sharing God's love according to 1John 4.


Kim Bellil



Rich & Trish Borio

Rich and Trish have been Christians for over 25 years and have varied experiences and backgrounds while serving the Lord during this time. Trish grew up in a Pentecostal church on the island of Trinidad, serving in a variety of capacities within the local church and surrounding community. Rich grew up in New England, steeped in traditional Protestant values and was involved with his local church. As a married couple, they bring diversity to their Christian walk and a strong desire to see lives changed through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.


John Marr

At SWC we love to listen to the thoughts and suggestions of all our members. We believe that God speaks to, and through all of us. We love to meet with people and listen to their dreams and perspectives on our church.