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on earth as it is on heaven



Originally from England, revivalist Graham Jones has a passion for revival and seeing the presence and power of God released back into the church. Graham speaks in churches, conferences, universities and businesses in many different countries each year. He brings a breath of fresh air and passion to God's people as he encourages them to come back to simple supernatural Christianity.Graham is used particularly in the area of physical healing and has seen many people healed from all manner of sickness through simple faith in God's promises and the manifest presence of God.


Graham is one of the only people ever invited to preach inside the United Nations in New York City resulting in many giving their lives to Jesus and people healed in the UN building.In 2012 after 10 years of missionary work in France, Graham has moved his ministry base to the New England area of the USA and is now senior Pastor at Sturbridge Worship Center. Graham believes he has a mandate to stir revival in local churches and help bring another great awakening in the USA. Graham is involved in missions and church planting. He oversees churches in Europe, India and North America building relationships with local churches, seeking both to reach the world and equip the church with teaching seminars where believers are practically taught to move in the gifts of the Spirit and believe God to heal people. Graham & his wife Léa have a missions base in the town of St Etienne in the south of France.



Graham has been an ordained minister with IGO (International Gospel Outreach) in the UK for many years.


Graham read theology at the L'EBZ Institute in Paris, France.


Graham has a ministry website here.